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How it works

How it Works

1) You purchase a slot for the item you wish to cop. You have only checked out once you have a valid order number with us and an account made.

2) The information provided in the checkout form is the information that will be utilized on release day to both cart, and checkout your order on the retail site. We use this information to complete the ‘Auto-Checkout’ process. (This is mandatory) All personal information is only used for the desired product, then sensitive information is erased securely.

3) The second form is the checkout process (Stripe) on our site, this form is paying for COPITFORME‘s service fee (which never includes the retail cost of the item) to checkout and secure the item you desire.

4) If we are unsuccessful in securing your order, we will refund you by end of day! No Questions asked! Please triple check all information before submitting your order!





Contact us: admins@copitforme.com


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